Saturday, December 10, 2011


Great news! Today, I found my camera. Yes, there are still a few things misplaced, but I continue to chip away at boxes, and somedays are like Christmas opening up packages to find things I've been anxiously awaiting. This morning, it was my camera. Yipppeeee!

Hope you don't mind that I went a little overboard snapping away some pics to share of our new home. I should start by saying that every day here feels like we're living a dream. God was so generous in bringing this particular home into our lives. It's nearly 80 years old(ish), and yet feels as though it was made exactly for us. God is so good. I am still overwhelmed with a grateful's better than my wildest dreams.

So quaint, no?! Just love the curb appeal.

A view from the kitchen into the front sitting room...yes, sitting. I'm also in love with the glass door, even though I gasp every time little Anne slams it shut so she can press her little nose on it better.

Okay, not a necessary picture... but these are the chairs that had John very nervous when I ordered them. He's still not sold...but I LOVE them. My splash of color in an all "beige" room.

Off the back of the house is our family room with a ladder to the kids play loft. Very cool. (Wish I was a kid again.)

This is one of the things that I LOVE about our's history...all the kids/grandkids that passed through these rooms before us...measured over time on the basement door. We added our list over there on the left.

Here's our coat closet...actually an old hallway that leads to the current apartment. Look at all those reminders of the blessings God gives...and his Providence. He does take care.

And the kitchen...with this huge picture window. I can see the window to the family room from here.

Here's the adorable window over my kitchen sink. Seriously...I'm in love. It makes little rainbows all over the kitchen in the morning sun. Reminds me He's smiling down on us. Oh, and see our Blessed Mother over there on the corner of the patio...all lit up at night as I do my evening kitchen clean-up. (sigh.)

Kitchen island...with kids busy benda-roo-ing. (In hindsight, I should have "staged" a prettier picture...but truly, this is our life...busy, beautiful. Who want's an empty "pretty" kitchen?!) This room is the heart of our home. Beyond the island is my laundry area. Hidden behind that wall...but constantly in use. So convenient. This might make some cringe to have laundry in the kitchen...but I LOVE it.

Standing at my kitchen sink, looking back towards the other half of the for another set of crafters at the table. Seriously?! Who am I to deserve this kitchen?! (yes, I am HIS...and He is so good.)
*Note...that wall beyond the kitchen table will (by spring) be busted out to make way to the apartment space that will become our great room. Only sad that I'll have to find a new place for "The Last Supper." I'll get over it though, and will surely find just the right spot.

Here I stand in the laundry area peaking around the other side of the island...see my new washer there in the corner. THANK YOU!

This little spot is above the computer armoire in the laundry area. Those are my grandmother's dishes she played with as a little girl. Love that I have the perfect place to display them.

And of course...the view I have while standing at my washing machine. Truly...this house was made for us, and our favorite things.

I still get all "verklempt" considering God's goodness. (verklempt! Remember Linda Richman skit on SNL?! Ha!)

"I will bless the Lord at all times, praise shall always be on my lips. My soul shall glory in the Lord, for he has been so good to me." - some nice church song, I can't think of now.


Amber said...

Your house is beautiful, and yes, it was made for you. I am so happy for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Now I can see why you haven't been posting lately---you've been enjoying your new home!! CONGRATULATIONS, it's a beautiful!

Stacie said...

I love, love, love the chairs. Tell John he is crazy. And we get rainbows on our ceilings in the mornings. Kayla used to walk in the room and say look mom, God Made it.... Got to love the rainbows. YEAH!!! Love the new color and it is coming right along!

Martha said...

Thanks for the great pictures of your new house Jamie. You have a beautiful knack to make a house feel like a home--I'm so glad you're enjoying it so! We're all anxious to come and see it again! And thanks for the pretty song that I now have stuck in my head..."Taste and See, Taste and See, The Goodness of the Lord..."

Kathy Anderson Stricker said...

Jamie, I love all the pics of the house, brings back great memories for me.. b/c I grew up in the neighborhood w/ the Maltinsky's and frankly the upstairs play loft was my second home. I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting with all the Maltinsky's while they were packing up the house.
Pam ,Anita,Lynn, Greg Nathan & Krissy... the house holds fond memories for many... ENJOY !!

Ann Gross said...

Beautiful house. I love the windows and the beuatiful glass door. We have one of those in our house also. We had two little ones who slammed it often and it survived. Living in Minster when I was younger I loved that house.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, the house is WAY older than 80ish. It was here when Minster was Stallotown! Loved to see what you have done with the house...

Joann Maltinsky