Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frank's word for the day.

Keeping in mind that he's only can imagine how floored I was when out of nowhere he hit me with this one:

(seriously, completely out of the blue...I was probably cleaning up lunch or something trivial at the time.)

Frank: "Mom, do you know what compassion is?"
Me: (thinking about my grocery list or what to make for dinner, or some other distracting thing) Umm...know what what is?!
Frank: Comp-ash-ion...enunciating for his idiot mom who's clearly not listening.
Me: no...what.
Frank: Compassion is when someone has a sad face, and you go up to them to see what's the matter, and play with them if they're sad. That's compassion.
Me: (tearing up, and melting like butter...cause he's five, and he's my boy...all sweet and toothless, and talking about compassion.) uh.huh. That's right.

Hugging ensued...and he got all grossed out and ran away. But it was too late. My heart already melted.

He's gooooood.

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Anonymous said...

kids are absolutely adorable and God's word shines through them everyday.