Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Adam.

(because, Adam comes right before Eve.)

So, we're all giddy, and excited...just two days till Christmas. We're all a little stir-crazy, thinking we should be doing something. Should we clean? Or do something special? Or what?! It's also "vacation" which means we really don't want to do anything "not fun."
Here we are on Christmas Adam (our little name for the day before Christmas Eve), wondering what we should do. It's just 10am, and we've already colored up all the pictures we can possibly bare, and the boys have made a gazillion paper airplanes...which somehow, I LOVE/HATE all at the same time. I'm a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to paperscraps. They make me itch. But anyways. It's Christmas vacation, and I'm just pouring more cofffee, and enjoying the fact that everyone's getting along.
And I'm also scheming a little hour away for last minute "must haves" before all the parties forthcoming.
In general, this day feels much like the day before any scheduled birth. I know there are things that need done. And I'll do them. But I'm also aware that this day ahead means much more than just a day....and so I want to just sip coffee, and enjoy the moment. Relax. Things are about to change. Christ (this new baby) is coming, and it's gonna rock our world. And somehow, we hope, that we'll be changed in the process. That just like with our own new babies, we'll embrace this new Christ child, remember how easy it is to love an infant, and to want to do everything for it. Placing that child's needs before our own. Learning to say "yes" again with love. Because that's all this new baby needs, is for us to respond with a loving yes. That's it. LOVE. Yes.
What a great reminder it seems, as we celebrate each Christmas, that Christ our Saviour came into this world as a newborn. And how simple it is to love an infant. Somehow when I think of him grown-up, it becomes more difficult in my head to connect. But babies...well we all know how a baby can light up a whole room. A baby changes us. We accept, embrace, simply LOVE babies.
So today, I'm excited, and full of hope. And anxious to meet this new baby Jesus again. And while I'm certain to be busy, especially after dark when the duties of Christmas gifts and wrapping take over, today I'm going to soak it in.
This day of waiting...Christmas Adam.
I can feel my heart growing bigger already...always room for more LOVE.
Love this season of hope, this season where LOVE WINS.

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Amber said...

I absolutely love this idea! I think it is great to prepare and celebrate a little before the really big celebration begins. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas, and thanks for blessing my days with your blog!