Monday, December 19, 2011

happy advent-ures.

Whew. What a weekend. We are soaking in the spirit of Christmas, big time.
Since St. Lucy we've been busy little beavers. Thursday brought a day of shopping, just my mom and me. Wonderful day of hustle-and-bustle through the malls...all for the sake of Santa. Friday a handful of us went Christmas caroling with Fr. Rick and a few other families. I had forgotten how much fun it was, and how much joy it seems to bring to the homes we visited. The true spirit of Christmas. Loved it! Saturday brought our first Christmas party of the mom's family in St. Henry. Santa was there and brought gifts for all the kiddies...we ate like kings, and just truly enjoyed catching up. Love family. Anne was in rare form, just giddy and laughing as she ran among the big boys tossing a Nerf football across the hall. Her guardian angel was working overtime, with more than a few near-misses. There were aunts and uncles who wanted the football throwing to stop...but seriously...we've been doing that for all 38 years I've been attending! Wouldn't be Christmas without some small child getting tackled by a teenager going long.
Sunday was mass, and a nice quiet day at home, followed by the Christmas concert at church that evening with all 5 choirs performing. It was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! Emma takes piano lessons from our choir director and was one of the students performing piano solo's prior to the start of the concert. She played the 12 Days of Christmas. I was proud of her. And then she and Alice and Grace all sang later with the Children's choir. This was Grace's first year...she was "all that." The evening ended with the mixed choir singing "Oh holy night." Yes. It was. Holy. Inspiring. Beautiful. What a wonderful ministry the choirs and music department of our parish provides. Absolutely inspiring!
Tonight was bible study at my friend Stacie's. We read ahead to Luke's account of that Holy Night, and the angels, and the shepherd. And Mary "pondered all these things in her heart." We were right there with her for the moment, imagining and wondering and pondering it too. WHat a gift, indeed.
My Christmas shopping is nearly done...just the few last-minute things that seem never to be done. I did some baking today, just because I could, and the girls at home asked. It was nice. And not at all stressful. And I'm looking forward to this final week leading up to the Birthday party. Don't want to get lost in the cake and balloons and party streamers. I want to see His holy light when we all gather in to celebrate.
Feelin' like this past weekend has really set the pace, put our hearts in the right place to really recognize the gift of Him. We are so blessed, and grateful.
Hope you all are enjoying these last days of Advent. I'm looking forward again to those "quiet" days of Christmas with the kids home, and game-playing, and enjoying. Now if the rain would stop and give us another little dusting of snow...just a dusting.

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