Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas unscripted.

I like my Christmas traditions.
Well, most of them...or at least the idea of most of them.

Seriously? What do I like most about Christmas traditions? We have plenty of them...but what are my favorite? Hmmmmmmm....

Cool thing about being in this new home...all the rules can change. I'm feeling liberated this year by the fact that some of the things on our every-year-Christmas-to-do-list...have gone and went. No pressure. Oh, don't get me wrong...there's still decorating, and shopping, and party-planning. But some of things that I thought I enjoyed, were in fact some of the very things that were weighing me down...in particular, the baking. Lord knows I LOVE to bake and candy-make. But seriously...it was getting out of control.
No baking this year. None. Unless the kids have asked to make something in particular...and then we make it...and eat it. No saving for Christmas! We enjoy the fruits. Done.

I can't tell you what a difference this has made in my spirits...for the time it allows me to do other more fun (less stressful) things, not to mention the breather our grocery bill gets. I was buying a LOT of chocolate and specialty stuff in years past.

Sunday we spent the day trying something new...or at least something new for this time of year. A day of outdoor fun, complete with marshmallow toasting, and hot cocoa, and our favorite christmas music. We played "Pickle" and "Tag" and just enjoyed the day...thoroughly enjoyed it.

Completely "not in the plans," unscripted, good Christmas memories. Will it become tradition? Who knows. It was fun...and we all laughed out loud...especially little Anne who spent her first time "running" through the grass with big brothers and sisters, and yes...even Mom was running. We giggled till we all fell down.

God is good.

Peace and joy to you all this Advent and Christmas season.

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