Monday, September 26, 2011

watching the ball drop

(And it's not even New Years Rockin' Eve!)

Life is moving at the speed of light here. There are not enough lines on my calendar to keep track of everything in a day. Between the kids activities (football manager, piano lessons, guitar lessons, choir, junior book clubs, Little Flowers girls club, Conquest boys club, football fundamentals, homework times infinity, and on and on...and those are just the kids obligations. Throw in parent meetings for 2nd graders preparing for First Penance, teaching 2nd grade religion classes, volunteering at various kids' activities, and now meetings, packing and deadlines related to upcoming move...and my head is SPINNING) For the first time in a long time (maybe since I had 4 in diapers) I feel like all those balls I'm juggling are getting a little wonky, and I'm watching them all start to sl-ooowwww---motion. It's a little unsettling to say the least. I'm torn between trying to keep them in the air, or just letting them drop and start over, trying to get a better handle the next time around...change my footing a bit. I mean...trying to juggle a handful of tennis balls, a bowling pin, and chainsaw is just overkill right. Who am I trying to impress?!
Anyways. I'm trying desperately to shift my focus; adjust my "perspectacles" if you will. Because if I squint a bit and see past the juggling act, just beyond those stage lights that seem to be blinding me right now, I realize the One who believes in me, who gives me strength, is right there front and center. And if I keep my eyes fixed on Him, the balls disappear a bit, and things become easier to handle. The work becomes a labor of love, to please Him.
Trying desperately to offer all this chaos up, and get through these crazy busy days with a joyful grateful for all these blessings.
Peace to you all.

1 Chronicles 16:11
Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.

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Pam Kaiser said...

You will do it, Jamie. You always do. Someday you will love that you were so involved in your kids' lives. I promise. And maybe, just maybe, someday you'll miss this. If only a little bit. :)