Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happy trails...

(only for a couple days.)

So, my 6th grade girls are off to Camp Wilson tomorrow for an overnight class trip. It's the whole out-doorsy, horseback riding, sleeping in bunks, can't pack enough mosquito repellent, team building, kinda bonding experience. They are PUMPED up! Sleeping bags and pillows are packed up in garbage bags, ready to carry up a steep hill to their's the kind of stuff that keeps kids awake all night just pondering the wonders of it all.
Not the holiday spa thing moms dream of by any means. But guess what! This mom is packed to go along. See, not too many moms signed up to chaperone this one (I know, GASP, right?!) So the girls, worried that the trip might be cancelled, barrelled home and begged me...insisting that since "Mom, you don't do anything anyway!" I had all the time in the world to go. (Alright, I thought. Let me put down my crossword, and bonbons, and read the paperwork.) Shoot. Seriously?!

Yep, so this mama's packin' up my bedroll and boots, and headin' out for some cabin camraderie with the wee young'ns. Should make for some mighty fine bondin' with my baby girls. (And if I get the chance to embarass them a bit in front of their friends, all the better.)

You all know how I need my beauty sleep...pray for us.


Anonymous said...

I remember when I was one of those moms who were suckered into volunteering. YUP! You'll enjoy yourself! BTW--the horse back riding isn't as fun as they all say. The saddle really does a doosy on your bottom!!! :)

Jackie said...

I had a blast and really enjoyed getting to know some of the classmates that I did not know.

Amber said...

Have a great time!