Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Annie-Banannie,

My Dearest Annie,
I should have known that as the youngest of 11 you would have to come up with some new stunts all your own. I just didn't think it would be so early. And to just started saying "Uh, Oh" yesterday. It should have been a clue you were gearing up for something big. You see when I handed you my cell phone yesterday at the Cross Country meet...I expected you would hold it, press a few buttons, maybe call someone on my contacts list and drool at them a bit (perhaps order us up some supper?!) I'm okay with that. What I didn't expect was that you'd switch it from ring tone (which happens to be very loud and annoying and easy to locate from far away) to VIBRATE, and then chuck it out into the path of runners. Never to be located again. Or so I thought. After several attempts at ringing for it, and scouring the grounds for the bright red, obnoxiously loud phone...we went home empty handed. Defeated. Reminding myself that next time I shall bring along for you an inexpensive toy...which wouldn't keep you nearly as entertained. I love you Anne. You little booger, you.

"Uh, Oh!" indeed.

Love, Mom (or Dadadadada! as you so prefer to call me.)

ps: thank you to the sweet high school girl who called us from the shelter after the meet to let us know she found our phone, and that we had a LOT of missed calls. God Bless you!

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Amber said...

So glad you found your phone, or someone else did!