Thursday, September 15, 2011

shout out to the peeps (whoop, whoop!)

"I will bless the Lord at all times,
Praise shall always be on my lips.
My soul shall glory in the Lord,
For he has been so good to me!" of those mornings...can't help but feel loved, and all sing-songy, hummin' around as I sip my cup o' joe! I had the most wonderful evening with some Ft. Loramie moms last night who had invited me to come speak on the topic of raising kids with good character. (For those of you who know my kids, you can stop snickering! I added a waiver...Lord know's I'm no expert on that subject!)
Today, I'm left feeling humbled and blessed by their hospitality, generous spirits, and honesty. It was a beautiful evening of open conversation and candid sharing, even after I finished my "prepared" speech. As I told my hubs when I got home...I felt as though God was physically present...sitting there in one of the open chairs, smiling on us all. (Of course, supportive hubs just smiled and nodded with pride. I love that guy!)

Thank you ladies for inviting me in to your lives, for opening your hearts to the work of the Holy Spirit. May you all be truly blessed!

~Yes, this is my "shout out" to you all, whom I met for the first time last evening, and yet you have followed here for some time. (my hands in the air, givin' ya a "whoop, whoop." ) Love ya ladies!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to share with us last night! I had to leave early, but the part I did hear was inspiring! Thank you again and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Honest truth here. Yesterday I'm driving to work and T102 asked "if you could spend the day with any celebrity who would it be?". I could not think of one. No biggie. So today, I'm getting ready for work and I thought I would LOVE to spend a day with Jamie Schmiesing! I was in total awe last night as you spoke, Jamie. I enjoyed every minute and didn't want to leave. Thank YOU! ~Renee

jamie said...

Sharon, thank you!
Renee-coffee's on every morning, stop by;) Far from a celebrity lifestyle though...unless you're watching Redneck Weddings or something! Ha! You're too kind.

B Barhorst said...

Jamie - It was awesome to meet you! You are an amazing person all, wife, daughter, sister, can see the love you have for your family and friends as you speak of them so fondly! I second Renee....if I could spend a day with a celeb. I would pick you. You should offer job shadowing... The Schmesing Experience: Finding CALM in the Chaos. : ) Thanks so much and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I could have stayed for the last hour! I had to pick my almost 16 yr. old son up at CCD Classes and had to leave at 8. I so enjoyed the first hour! I am one that visits your blog almost daily....... We have 6 children, ages 19, 16 (almost), 14 (almost), 12, 6 and 1..... crazy household here also and I could relate to so many things that you shared, and wish for those younger years back. Time does fly and so much of the daily things become a blur.... I am always wondering if I am really the mom that I intended to be, or if some of what I wanted to be gets swished away in the chaos.
Thank you so much for sharing your life with us last night!
Pam Frey

Annette said...

Glad it went so well! I read your blog and wanted to come and hear you but to much going on I just could not fit it in! I hope to hear you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Jamie!! I agree with the above are awesome! I enjoyed everything you shared, and the blog too. May God Bless you as you lead others to the path of righteousness.
Take care,
Julie B.