Friday, September 2, 2011

led by the Spirit

Was cleaning/sorting through some paperwork last evening in preparation for my 2nd grade religion class when this prayer just found me.

"Dear God,
Today as I reflect on what's ahead for me I ask for your guidance to make decisions that bring me closer to you.
Help me to know your voice and believe in the power of your gifts in me.
I trust that you will lead me amidst the uncertainties of life.
Give me the courage to follow you today as you lead me to tomorrow.

I never ceased to be amazed at how clearly the Holy Spirit speaks to us when our hearts are open...and we're paying attention. I think I spent the last year oblivious...but suddenly, it's as if I'm being bombarded with thoughts/suggestions/words that are certainly not my own. And although a bit overwhelming and even frightening at times...I just have to keep listening, try to sort them out, and roll with it.
I've had the privelage of being invited to speak with FOUR women's groups in surrounding areas over the next couple months. FOUR. What in the world was I thinking to say Yes to them all?! It's that "keeping the heart/mind open, and rolling with it" thing. It's either gonna get me in big trouble, or please the Lord. Hopefully the latter. I know He's working to give me the words...just have to start putting it all into neat little categories and planning for these upcoming talks. Prayers would be greatly appreciated...the one above seemed a perfect find in light of the anxiety I'm beginning to feel about what I agreed to.

Lord Help me, and Thank you God.


Bonnie Trzaska said...

Thanks for including two of my favorite prayers on your blog:
"Thank you, God!" and "Help me, God!"

Love you,

jamie said...

(winkin') Inspired by our phone conversation last night of course, Bonnie!!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, love the prayer that you posted. I plan on writing it down and hopefully praying it everyday. There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit is working through you. Probably why you have been asked to speak at four different women's conferences!

And prayers are being said for you... goodluck with planning your speeches!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME on the Mother's Group talk! You'll do a fabulous job!

Anonymous said...

How nice to stumble onto your blog. Your family is beautiful and I've enjoyed immensely reading through your posts. Having 6 kids has kept me busy. I have no idea how you keep up with your crew. My hat's off to you. =)Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the prayer, it has been printed and posted in my house. What a perfect time...job interview today...where will this lead me?