Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To begin this Holy Season of Lent...

We rise again from ashes,
from the good we've failed to do.
We rise again from ashes,
to create ourselves anew.

We offer You our failures,
we offer You attempts;
The gifts not fully given,
the dreams not fully dreamt.

~lyrics to a popular lenten hymm

I used to have the feeling that Lent was a time to "hole up," that is "go inside ourselves," drop off the map of all things "good" for a few weeks. Eat nothing, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. Mostly a negative thing when I'd stop to think about it. And while sacrifice and self mastery are a good part of what's required, this song reminds me that it's more about self-transformation. It's about rising up, shaking off the dust of what's holding us back from a loving relationship with Him. It's recognizing our failings, and attempting to break free of them. This is a time to humble ourselves, to become more Christ-like in all we do. It's a time to wake up, shake off, sacrifice, serve, and give more of ourselves to others for the sake of our Lord who loves us so much he paid for our freedom with His life.

My prayer today is for a Holy, transformative journey called Lent.

Lord let me keep my focus on you and the love that you have for me. Help me to listen, and hear what you desire from me in this life, that I may serve you well.

Peaceful, holy Lent to you all!

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