Monday, March 21, 2011

making memories.

Little Annie turned over today!! She's pushed herself over from belly to back for a couple weeks now, and today she managed to do the same in reverse. No more hanging out on the kitchen table...the center of our wonderfully hectic world. Time to stay safely at ground level, where she can roll till her hearts content!

It started right here...centered on the table where siblings were doing homework or helping mom bake, others doing chores, all the while remembering a tickle or "ga ga" talk for Annie. She loves being at the heart of the action.

Before we knew it, she'd heaved one of her fluffy little thighs over...
...and in a second she was up. Believe it girl! You did it!!! Wooohooooo!!!!

Of course all this rolling was to answer one simple question, "Mom, do these stripes make my butt look chubby?"

Of course they do sweet pea. But we love you anyway!!

God Bless baby Anne, who's growing so quickly!


Martha said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing Annie's milestone! Can't wait to squeeze her soon!

Robin said...

Jamie...She is soooo cute!! Wish I could kiss on those chubby cheeks. She will be crawling before you know it!