Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lenten schmuck

Okay, so I'm humbled by the effort that my kids are putting forth this lenten season. It makes me feel like a real schmuck though. I didn't officially give anything up. I figure my noncommitance to anything makes it impossible to "cheat." It's win-win for me, right? Meanwhile my older kids have refrained from sweets and unhealthy snacks, Rosie's trying desperately to give up sucking her thumb (or at least not while I'm looking.) She came up with that sacrifice all on her own, and it makes me want to cry at how huge that is. Charlie hasn't stolen any beer (that I'm aware of) and some of the kids are even keeping television at a Meanwhile...schmuck mama nibbles between meals, eats chocolate...caving to cravings left and right.
I am trying to be more aware though...appreciate more, pray more, say "thank you" more, argue less (the kids may not agree?) I keep thinking that despite the fact that time moves at warp speed, there's lots of time left...plenty of moments, anyway...for practice/improvement. Afterall, I don't want this transformation to last just 6 weeks. I hope to find the tools to change, to draw closer to Christ for the long haul---beyond Lent, through ordinary time and beyond.
I pray you all are chugging along nicely.

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Pam Kaiser said...

Jamie ~ I think you do lots every day to improve your life -- you have a lot going on -- I am guessing Jesus understands :) Obviously you have taught your children well with their sacrifices.

We had one who wanted to give up either carrots or green beans....because she just loved them. We had her reconsider. LOL