Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rice, Rice Baby...

It was another milestone for little Annie, as she had her first taste of rice cereal. It's still a far cry from "big people food," but certainly a step in that direction.

(It truly is a amazing when I stop to realize that for the last 5 months, her only nourishment has come from me. Truly miraculous how God worked out those details when you really stop to think about it.)'s the setup...
The older kids were off to school, and little Anne woke up smiling and happy...her usual routine. Only today, I changed her and plopped her right into the bouncy seat on the kitchen cupboard for her first taste of Rice cereal. Her sleepy little eyes were a little confused about the change in schedule. I think as I look back at the photos, her eyes were definitely fixed on my chest area. "Hmmm. This isn't how it usually works."

She didn't mind one bit when I spooned in the mushy stuff. As a matter of fact, after the first spoonful, she grabbed my hand and/or spoon each time to try to pull it to her mouth faster. She LOVED it!

Of course, big sister Lucy was right there...not wanting to miss one moment of it!

And mother-hen Rosie was there too. Folding the washcloth, and cleaning up/assisting anyway she could. Oh, she's such a big helper!
Of course she had lots to talk about when the bowl was empty. Not the least of which was "Now bring on the milk!"

Oh Anne. Where does the time go?! Won't be long you'll be sitting at the big table with the rest of your own chair...with your own plate...entertaining us all with stories of your least what you can manage to squeeze in between all the other laughter and conversations. Oh my.


Jackie said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wouldn't hesitate to put a bib labeled "Frank" on a little Annie!

Stacie said...

Why is everyone so dressed up? Lucy and Rose look like they are ready for the ball. Stacie