Tuesday, August 10, 2010

name funnies

I'll share this little funny.
As my baby belly becomes more evident, the kids and I have more frequent conversations about the new baby to come, and one of the hottest topics relates to what we'll call this little bean.
I have a few ideas of my own. But it's fun to stir up the conversation by suggesting silly names, like "How about 'Jack' for Jack-o-lantern, if it's a boy born on halloween, or 'Casper'?" Our family has ribbed us in the past that we're not very original with names as we've recycled several siblings'/parents'/grandparents' names. Emma came up with a catchy one at dinner the other evening. She thought we could name a girl after my mom (Anita) and John's sister (Bonnie, who's given name is Bonita) and call the little one Anita Bonita, or "Annie Bananie" for short. We all cracked up with that one. Fun.

So, any suggestions to add to our list?


Anonymous said...

I'd be honored. (winking and grinning) Grandma

Anonymous said...

I'd be honored too, also winking and grinning --- Aunt Bonnie

Anonymous said...

I like the name Jack for a boy. For the girl how about Liza.