Sunday, August 22, 2010

the anxieties of young minds

Charlie came into the bedroom as I was getting dressed for church this morning, sobbing as if he'd lost his best friend. "Mom, how big is a half a inch?" he whimpered. I showed him with my fingers as I wiped away tears..."Why do you ask?"
"The weatherman says the moon is shrinking by a half a inch," he continued. Alice followed him in to explain that the weather channel was doing a bit on how over time the moon is gradually shrinking. Apparently it's smaller now by 1/2 an inch. (Amazing to think someone has made it a priority to measure.) Anyhow, little Charlie is worried he won't be able to see it anymore. A few hugs and tears wiped away...he seemed reasurred when he walked out that the moon would still be his for the watching. Poor guy.

John on the other hand has other things on his mind. I caught him hugging Lucy on Saturday and mumbling "It's okay Lucy, I'll still love you when the new baby comes." (This is certainly more his worry than hers...I can't begin to think that it's even crossed her mind.)
"John, what do you mean?" I asked.
"Well, when the new baby comes, you won't be able to love Lucy anymore, so I'll love her and you can love the new baby." He patted Lucy on the head again. She just smiled, oblivious.
His dad was in the room too, and we spent a few minutes talking about how our hearts grow bigger with each baby (just like our butts, I thought to myself with a giggle) allowing us to love more...not less. I promised I had room to love all the kids plus the new baby...too cute how their minds are working on these things.

Little Lucy, despite John's concern about lack of love is concerned with only the new baby right now. She "practices" baby all day long, from changing diapers (on her invisible baby), to feeding, to holding. She seems so excited. We purchased a few new outfits for the little baby to come...a couple pink, and a couple blue...and she loves to look at them constantly, giggling about the pink built-in bunny feet, or the ruffles on the back. It's very sweet. Her biggest worry seems to be about not having enough baby to go around. She keeps saying mom's having "TWO" babies, one for mom, and one for Lucy. Umm. Not planning on that (this time.) Might be a bit tricky to learn that whole "sharing" thing. Wish us luck...

OUr conversation with little John reminded me of this cartoon that my father-in-law shared a few years back. So true.

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