Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Frank & Rose!

The twelve of us attended mass this morning on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with an added sense of joy and gratitude today. Not only for the gift of our Heavenly Mother, but for the service and intercession she continues for our benefit, in her son's holy name. Today we also celebrate the birth and gift of life of our youngest twins Frank & Rose.
Happy Birthday Frank & Rosie!

I can't help but get choked up when I see their first picture together in the hospital, before Rose was transferred to the NICU at Dayton Children's an hour away. Frank was delivered first, a beautiful healthy 8# 7oz. baby boy. Rose followed just behind, 6# 9oz., though delivered in a much more urgent fashion only to discover she had no pulse, and could not breathe on her own. She was pale, terribly anemic and requiring blood transfusions as well as very swollen from all the fluid she had retained as her heart was working so hard in utero. She spent 10 days in Dayton before we brought her home...completely healthy, without the first follow-up appointment required. No looking back. Our miracle. My ob/gyn and I have talked many times since about the events leading up to their birth, and how things could have played out so differently...she doesn't hesitate to share that she could feel a divine presence during her work in the delivery room. Most certainly, I know the Blessed Mother was interceding for us on this, her Feast Day.

Below is one of my favorite photos, possibly because it's rare that I'm in any pictures with my kids, but likely because not only does it capture the love of this mother for her babies...but I can't help recognize the Miraculous Medal I'm wearing, and remember the love of our Heavenly Mother, and the active role she has in our everyday lives. I bought this medal at the gift shop of The Shrine of the Holy Relics in Maria Stein, after spending time in prayer there when I learned of complications during pregnancy with our second set of twins, John & Mary. I continue to wear it almost daily.

And lastly, in light of our community's annual Alumni Softball tournament going on this weekend here in town, I had to include the photo when we were finally able to bring Rosie home...all 11 of us together. We had our own little softball team at that point and had shirts made to celebrate it. It's hard to spot the babies there in the buggy, but they had matching shirts too. How grateful I am for this beautiful team!

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Anonymous said...

Too cute--happy birthday Frank and Rosie!! I LOVE the t-shirts that were made, you'll need to make a few more for the birth of this little one!!