Wednesday, March 10, 2010

whatcha been up to? case you haven't noticed (perhaps hiding under a rock somewhere?), the sun is shining in these parts and temperatures have risen into, well I don't even know. But it's jacket, not coat, weather. Sheets have been reaquainted with that lovely thing called clothesline, as have the curtains, rugs, blankets, etc. Kids have been bouncing basketballs, riding bikes and scooters, playing pitch and catch, and of course dragging mud and grass into the house. I'm not complaining one bit though. It's as if we've been awakened from some dull gray stupor to run, ride, skip and breathe in the lovely spring-like air. (10 more days till we can say officially "spring air.")
As for me, I continue room-by-room straightening, sorting, washing, and dusting...cause that gorgeous sun has a way of making every bit of dust sparkle. It's amazing how it can go unnoticed all the gray of winter! Ahh, but hard work and hard play is making for some incredibly easy bedtimes as well. Life is good.

Yeah!!! Spring is almost here!!


Anonymous said...

Love the graphic - That must be from the story where Dick, Jane, and Sally are out playing with Spot and Puff.

Anonymous said...

I listened to your Radio Maria program for the first time and you brought me to tears. I was feeling bad about my lack of patience with my own kids and my dirty house. You put it all in perspective for me and I wanted to say thanks! Keep up the good work.


jamie said...

thanks Amber. Glad you were able to catch the program, and that you enjoyed.