Sunday, March 28, 2010

cool treats.

Young Sam has been enjoying his share of popsicles, ice cream, milk shakes, pudding, yogurt and other cool treats this of the few perks of having surgery to remove his adenoids on Thursday. The novelty is wearing thin though, as he continues with occasional sore throat, stiff neck, and an extreme dislike of the antibiotic he's been prescribed to take 3 times a day. (Blechk!!)
He's been an extremely good sport though, and is anxious to get off the couch and back to school tomorrow.
I'm feeling guilty realizing now (after it's gone) what a terrible time he had with snoring, waking up grumpy (not fully rested), mouth-breathing all day. Yep, we should have had this taken care of years ago. In the wake of his silent nights, I'm beginning to realize that he has a couple of younger brothers who may be getting evaluated for similar symptoms, sooner than later.


Beth said...

My baby girl, Abby (3 1/2) had hers out in January, along with tubes in her ears. She'd snored since she was a baby and was just an awful sleeper. She also always seemed to have a cold. Since the surgery, she no longer snores and has been stuffy-nose free. Like you, I am feeling some guilt in not having something done sooner, but at 3 1/2, she is still my baby and it seemed so strange to put her through surgery.

Here's to peaceful, sleep-filled nights for you and yours!

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