Thursday, March 4, 2010

random thoughts/feelings...

~feeling a little stoved up this evening. Our dear baby Lucy has been sneaking into our bed in the early morning hours...sometimes only a few minutes before the alarm, sometimes longer to snuggle in. I LOVE this, but my body in noticing the improper sleeping alignment. *that girl takes up more room in bed than an adult*
~happy to have gotten groceries's so nice to have choices about what to make for dinner...instead of "Hmm, I have a can of mandarin oranges, no bread...but tortilla wraps, and some pizza sauce. What can we make with that?" I am guilty of waiting a couple days too long to stock up on groceries, but it is great for clearing out items hidden in the pantry, and I've fooled myself into believing the kids learn to appreciate good food when it's around this way.
~frustrated that Mary tore a hole in her brand new pants while helping clean the garage this morning. Darnit. We mended it up nice though, and they'll still wear just fine...but darnit. I told her we'd look for a pretty patch to cover up the stitches...she seemed happy about that.
~grateful for the sunshine again. John and the kids were out in the garage early this morning straightening up a bit, and throwing out quite a few broken toys before the garbage man came around. I think we've all been bit by the "clean up, throw out" bug...this 40 bag thing has really been a wonderful thing.
~loving my little naptime on the couch with Charlie in the afternoon. I was the only one napping while he snuggled in and watched Word World, and a bit of Barney...but I wouldn't miss that snuggle time for the world.
~enjoying our evening prayer time this week. We're taking our turn hosting a "traveling crucifix for vocations" in our parish. A different family has the crucifix each week. The prayers and scripture reading that come along with it have been wonderful for our bunch this week, and I'll be sad to pass it along on Sunday.
~inspired by my older kids, and the way they can reach out to their younger siblings and encourage, support, hold, fix, and make things "all better." (especially when their momma doesn't have the opportunity or worse, patience for it.) Some days they seem so much bigger than me. I'm humbled.
~laughing about my 3 year olds who despite my best efforts are growing into little miniature people...with their cute slim little bodies...running around in underpants at bedtime...dodging all attempts to put jammies on them, all full of energy and giggles. Ooh. I just want to squeeze them, and bottle that up.
~feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight (woe-is-me) as I glance around and see all the cleaning/picking up that awaits tonight. Most days I don't mind, but sometimes I just feel's one of those days. We'll forge on though...prayers to the Blessed Mother.
~excited about what the future holds...received an opportunity to share/speak with a group of women at a retreat next spring.

God is good. Who am I to be so blessed? He whispers, I am His...


Stacy said...

Jamie...I had to laugh at the part where you said that you have choices about what to make for dinner since you got groceries. I feel the same way at times, we try to stretch our grocery shopping as much as we can too. We also have been cleaning out the pantry/deep freezer trying to use up things we've had for a little while. (Even throwing out some freezer burnt items we found at the bottom). Just this morning, my kids asked me, "Mom, are you ever gonna get any groceries, we don't have anything good to eat in this house!" (That meant, the pop tarts, toaster strudels, waffles, and their favorite cereals were gone and they had to settle for toast). I said "Oh my, at least you have food to eat, unlike some poor children in this world!" They were quite instantly! I'm sure they will be ecstatic when they find out that I'll be getting groceries this evening! :)

blessed to be a Mom said...

Jami, my kids like to eat a tortilla wrap with just melted shredded cheese inside. I give them sour cream and salsa to dip it in. I also have a recipe that they love and ask for me to make, Zesty Spanish Beef and Rice. I will have to bring it to work and make you a copy. I like to keep it simple! Especially when since its just the 2 of them and me.