Monday, March 22, 2010

Forgive me, Friends...

It's been 12 days since my last post!
My apologies, indeed.

I wish I could tell you I was off to some fancy resort on a beach somewhere sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them. Nope, just life as usual (or unusual) as can be.
My poor mom e-mailed last week sometime wondering if I'd buried myself under a rock or something...I think she missed my blogging. In truth, I guess I've just been a little more introspective lately. Enjoying the crazy times, but not necessarily feeling the need to chat about them.
We've had our fill of fun over the last weeks...11 of John's 12 siblings (and families) gathered with their dad last weekend to celebrate his 80th birthday. The weekend was FULL, helping the cook to prepare food, making up snack trays, even a little pre-partying for a St. Patty's dance with all the sibs and spouses. Oh, and then clean-up. Work is definitely lighter and more fun with many hands to help.
Our elementary kids prepared for and performed in their Spring musical (all about bugs.) Sam was a spider, and Grace dressed as a bee. It was fun and all the kids enjoyed watching/singing along.
In our "ordinary" days, we've been enjoying the spring weather to the fullest with bikerides, basketball games, scooters (Little Lucy has become quite independent on her little 3-wheeled scooter and could spend hours going up and down the driveway.) We made our first trip of the season to the Tastee for icecream over the weekend. Our yard has been a-buzz with neighbor kids of all ages joining in the fun. The girls seem to have started their own cheer team...I keep hearing their 8-count in my sleep.
Little Frank had an unexpected, albeit incredibly exciting visit from the tooth fairy (about 3 years to early!) He managed to trip into the coffee table in our family room, knocking out his top front tooth. ( As if he didn't look honery enough before.) I can't quit cracking up everytime I see his toothless grin. John and I have both begun wondering if the tooth had contained some alien-implanted mood chip, or perhaps was resting on his funny nerve. Since losing it, he is the most pleasant boy I've ever met...his speech has taken off...all of a sudden he's happy, singing, telling stories. He's a new person. Strange, I know. But I'm loving it.
Like I as (un)usual here. Living and loving this life God has blessed us with.

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blessed to be a Mom said...

Yes, Jamie, I have definitely missed you! I enjoy reading your blog every morning and have been disappointed when there isn't a new story. I know you are very busy, thanks for the updates. Enjoy life and kids!