Sunday, March 28, 2010

entering into Holy Week

"Lord, let me walk that lonely road with you, under the weight of the wood."

I've had a fairly lackluster Lent. Not proud of the fact that I made few Lenten plans, and managed to keep none of them. As we enter into Holy Week, I'm picking up the pace, realizing it's never too late...offering up every opportunity for sacrifice and penance. (nausea, fatigue and laundry baskets lined up for miles seem to give me plenty of opportunities to start.)
May you have a blessed Holy Week!


Amy said...

I'm with you Jamie, not a great lent for me, but hoping to kick it in gear this Holy Week. My thirteen year old daughter has inspired me this year, completely sticking to her sacrifices, asking and going to confession, wanting to participate in the Way of the Cross on Friday and then going to Good Friday mass...hoping to feed off of her awesome intentions!

Anonymous said...

I feel we, as mothers/parents sacrifice so much every single day for our family/children that HE understands our lack of time to contribute to LENT in the tradtional ways... instead of GIVING UP I encourage extra prayers, good deeds, more thoughts of Jesus and why he died for us.. giving up candy or meat is what we are TOLD/EXPECTED to do... thinking out of the box and get creative with colors, letters to Jesus, makin g up a special prayer each night... so many options for us to celebrate the Easter season and Holy Week