Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hollering from the hill tops...

WE (we, we...) LOVE (love, love...) SNOW DAYS!!! (days, days...)

We are enjoying day 2 of our "crippling, catastrophic, storm of the century" as described by the weather channel. Fortunately in our area, none of those descriptions fit. We did get plenty of sleet, a little snow, and wind to stir it all up a bit. Just enough to keep us at home and out of school. Oh, and are we enjoying our busy "lazy" days.

Yesterday the kids kept busy most of the morning playing school (of all things.) The older ones set up stations in various rooms, herding the younger kids from "classroom" to "classroom" for such activities as media (library time) with stories read aloud and other books laid out for kids to check out later; gym class with exercise balls and obstacle courses in the basement; social studies; language arts; music (with recorders and harmonicas for all); even art class in the kitchen where the kids created drawings of our town...all taped together now and hanging along one long wall in the basement for display. Very cool. We wrapped up school by lunch time and later enjoyed playing in the snow. Of course we had a new puzzle to put together...500 pieces, on a card table in the tv room where we'd all take our turns sitting and fitting a few pieces throughout the day. We had it completed by bedtime last night. Wooohooo!

Today we baked a cake to celebrate another day at home. And more snow play...this time with forts and neighbors helping out. Chocolate milk warming in a pan on the stove becconed the kids back in...with marshmallows of course.

Yep...we're loving life here these days. Enjoying the "lazy" days and grateful the weather wasn't all it was predicted to be. No power outages (although, my washer/dryer hasn't run in 24 hours...cause mom's takin' a snow day too!), no downed trees or power lines here. We're safe and snug...happy for the change of pace the weather brings.

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