Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thanks for letting me vent a little girls. I appreciate all your positive comments and advice. I hear the first step in recovery is admitting the problem. I woke this morning feeling like a weight was lifted already. I dressed before breakfast (a rarity...and yes, still sweatpants), got my bathroom cleaned right after the kids were out the door, and even recruited the young ones to help with some vacuuming and dusting. (So it wasn't perfect...but it felt good to be on my game before 9am.) I shared a little mommy and babe time with Annie while the others played. And today, when my mom stopped by for coffee and chat, I asked her to watch the kids for an hour while I snuck out for a haircut and some groceries. We didn't really need much from the store, but I picked up a few of John's favorite things. He's been going straight from work to bus driver recertification classes this week and getting home late, and I wanted to do something nice for him too. The icy trees were gorgeous outside, by the way...something I probably hadn't noticed if I'd stayed holed-up all day.
It's true, when mama's happy...we're all happy. God is good.


Anonymous said...

amazing what a little time to youself and FOR yourself can do for your mental outlook...
EVERY ONE WINS !! glad you had a great morning the rest of the day is sure to be brighter too ;-)

Barb said...

Hope you're still feeling better today! Saying a prayer for you....=)