Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today an egg exploded in our microwave....blew the door clean open. There were egg bits EV-ERY-WHERE!!! God must have noticed the rut I was in, and decided to shake things up a bit here. Don't get me wrong, I'm still wearing sweatpants, and a bobby pin to hold back my much-in-need-of-a-trim hairdo. But we've got something egg-citing to talk about here this evening.

Did I mention I'm in a rut?! Physically, emotionally, spirtually...I'm a mess. I know it's the post-partum thing, combined with the fact that my entire closet of clothes (besides 2 pairs of sweatpants) are for a woman that weighed 35# less than the one posting here now. Uggh. Oh, and nursing little Anne is going wonderfully. It really is. That means, I go nowhere...except to the grocery store and doctor appointments for the kids...oh and church on Sunday. But I get very little out of Mass these days with baby wanting to nurse and 3 other little ones wanting to poke at her and fight over her the entire mass...while I'm trying to nurse. Ugg.
I'm not complaining though...it's all good...and when I get too far into the funk, a good shower and leg-shaving does me good. Oh, and I offer it up. Small sacrifices in the grand scheme of things. And I know soon that spring will come around. Stroller wheels will be turning, and the breeze blowing through my hopefully-trimmed-by-then-hairdo will feel like heaven on earth. For now though, I'm grateful for egg-splosions in the microwave to keep me on my toes; wonder at the endless possibilities of another crazy day in the life.

(yes, I know...11 healthy beautiful children...wonderful hubby...warm house...food on the table (well, except for the eggs)...get over it Jamie. I'm just sayin. I'm in a rut.)


Jannis said...

Glad to know I am not the only one in a rut these days. I sometimes feel like I never smile anymore. Weather, age whatever it is it needs to end sooner than later. So I am with you SISTER!!! Hang in there! Oh and on I side note...my family(Bill,Britt and myself) sat a couple seats behind you on Sunday in church and just in case you don't know this your kids are adorable and we thought they were very well behaved! You and John are doing a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Ditto--Jannis!! I don't see myself laughing anymore! What's up with that? Are we too focused on what's going on and what we need to do next that smiling and laughing aren't on that list?? Somedays I feel like a real B**** and I know my poor hubby doesn't enjoy it, especially the kids! UGH! I also know that soon, very soon, this will all pass and I'm going to look back (at the blur that it is) know that it's all worth it!!!!!!!! :)

BTW---OREO's always help to forget your problems!!!

You're a good mom!
-----and wife (which probably comes last nowadays)!

Anonymous said...

Ok.... Breast pump or formula.. call Grandma & Grandpa...two hrs with hubby..
or by yourself..EVERYONE BENEFITS

Mari Mari said...

I don't know how you handle so many kids. I have two, 8-months and nursing as much as anne (or even more...), not very fond of solids or liquids, and a 2-year old poking her all the time... And no hairdos for me either, and only grocery shopping as well... I'll remember you when I try to feed her unsuccessfully, or when I have to say, by the 1000th time, for him not to poke her again. you are my hero!

Anonymous said...

Jamie---you do exactly what YOU need to do!
Can't people put their names at the end of comments


Anonymous said...

The Mother's Retreat at the Spiritual Center Feb 24 and 25 (I think) is what I hope will get me back in the game! Brings my mommy skills to a whole new level every year! I leave so happy and ready for the world!


Julie said...

It's all about my last post....NO SUNSHINE!!! Seriously! Take some Vitamin D's, take one hour for lunch with a friend and write down...yes,actually write down all you have to be thankful for...It will make you smile....I think a lot of us are feeling the same way...you are not alone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing so openly, and honestly. This really made me feel better about my own situation. I have so much to be thankful for, but have been in a funk for about the last month. Just really not myself. It hit me tonight that I should offer it up, and then 10 minutes later, I'm reading your blog with the same thoughts. It's funny how God confirms things to you sometimes!
Hang in there sister...better days ahead!

Anonymous said...

you are awesome ! inspirational ! and are raising the best kids ! keep up the great work with those little creatures of god !

Anonymous said...

Jamie - This is my first time on your blog and I couldn't help myself, I was laughing hysterically (some would say maniacally) at this post. Believe me when I say that I could have written this post VERBATIM. . . well, except for the egg in the microwave thing. I didn't have an egg explode in my microwave, just 3 eggs busted on the floor by my adorable 2 1/2 y/o son. But the new baby, the extra 35#, the sweats, the hair held up by a bobby pin - all exactly the same. Oh and I only have 4 kids - 5, 4 ,2 and 3 weeks old. Just know you made someone who is very tired very happy for a few moments. Thanks for laughs. Kate