Friday, January 7, 2011

parents, don't let your kids try this at home!

Snow fell in our area today, leaving a nice white coating on everything...just enough to have the kids begging to go outside and play. (Of course you can!)
We spent what felt like an eternity getting them all bundled into snowclothes and out the back door, only to have one of them trekking back in just moments later.
Turns out Emma, too anxious to wait for the local snowhill, attempted snowboarding down the slide of our swingset in the backyard. Reports indicate it was a beautiful ride until she got to the bottom and failed to anticipate the drop off, at which point she crash landed onto the frozen ground. Yep, she stuck the landing alright.
Four hours in the Urgent Care, confirmed she indeed broke her wrist. They splinted it for her, and we'll follow up with an orthopoedic surgeon early in the week.

She's tolerating the pain tremendously well. Worst hurt seems to come from the disappointment in having to give up her Y basketball for the season...first game and team picture are tomorrow morning. Big bummer.

How many times do I have to repeat..." measure twice, cut once." (or maybe, "look before you leap."...or was it "A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush?") Not sure, but I think there was a painful lesson learned. (poor girl.)


Lisa said...

So Sorry to hear the news....looks like it is that season. Russell just got his off. Cool tip is to pick a colored cast and use silver sharpie to have people sign. Make sure Emma comes to help at the next Little Flowers Meeting....we will be discussing Prudence and Wisdom!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like Emma. ;) I bet you were just sitting around the house wondering what you would be doing on Friday evening.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Emma's mother when she broke her arm when she got it caught in the vacum sweeper. Now how do you do that Jamie? (:-)

Stacy said...

So sorry to hear about Emma's wrist. With kids starting in sports now as well, I agree with you, the pain of sitting out from basketball is definitely going to be harder to overcome than the actual injury itself for her. Tell her to keep her head up and she can still be there, but just not out on the court...and there is always next year!
Jamie---how DO you break your arm in a vaccuum cleaner?! lol

jamie said...

Stacy, if there were a way, I could probably do it...I'm graceful that way! But actually (anonymous), I broke my finger in the vaccuum as a little crawling baby...c'mon mom! NOt so close!
And broke my arm in 1st grade when I tripped over my pants leg (torn and dangling around my foot) at home...landed my wrist on the edge of the fireplace, Youch! It's amazing with my tough brohters that I didn't land a few more broken bones!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you posting again! I dug out your advent prayers from years past and thought of you and missed your inspiring post. Sorry to hear about Emma.

Lisa said...

If it makes you feel better, I can tell you about my mishap with a mixer sometime! Have you taken votes on the color....tons to choose from!