Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ahhh... R&R. Vacation. Good family, Good food, Good fun.

Yep, we just returned from a 4 day weekend in the beautiful Smokey Mountains of Tennessee with my parents, siblings and all our children. It was wonderful! We all shared a "little cabin" in the hills and forged many great memories for all of us. It was wonderful to disconnect from the everyday hustle-bustle and reconnect with the ones I love.

I wanted to tell you all about it as I was packing/preparing last week, but my parents didn't think it was wise that I should announce to the whole blogosphere that we were all leaving town, homes unattended for the know, cause that's mom...and she worries about stuff.
Anyways. We're back. And laundry continues, life goes on. And the snow day today was welcome. I'm so grateful that we got a bonus day to ease back into our routine.

Lovin my crazy family!

Mom and Dad,brother Jim & Judy, and daughters Jenna & Jamie, brother Joe & Kristen & daughter Madison, and my whole gang. We were also joined by Jenna's beau Jean Francois, and Judy's mom who aren't pictured.

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Pam Kaiser said...

Love this! We went (the entire Kaiser family) over Thanksgiving weekend; Jim's brother from NC and his family drove up to meet us.

What a relaxing weekend! It looks like that's what you had, too. We decided it was the perfect vacation, because we weren't visiting anyone else -- the kids couldn't leave to go to a friend's house, or practice, or anything. What a gift!!!

Thanks for sharing, Jamie!