Monday, October 4, 2010

weekend report

We survived it.

The tents were raised, and probably down by now. The chicken was danced. Every imaginable food was deep-fried and delicious. There were mettwurst, and bratwurst, sauerkraut balls, and cabbage rolls, dark beer on tap served rightly in 1/2 gallon plastic jugs, soft pretzles, hot german potato salad, and games and gambling of every sort, all blended together beautifully with the sounds of polka playing oompah bands.
One could attend a German Heritage Mass, shop for clever crafts and wares, run/walk the 10k or "fun" run, watch a parade, vote on cute babies, witness a queen coronated, even relay a beer tray through an obtacle course for team bragging rights. No doubt, something for everyone.
And when you live just blocks away, with the echo of music constantly in the beckons you to participate in it all...despite the rain, and miserably cold weather.

The barrel was indeed rolled out this weekend, and I feel as if it ran me over. Can you say exhausted?!

Today, we're not accomplishing a lot...playing with Legos, watching more cartoons than usual, and of course, catching up on laundry. I desperately need to get up into the attic this afternoon to start the seasonal closet changeover...something I should have done before the weekend blustery cold weather, but with lots of layering, we managed okay. Oh, and after the weekend calorie overload, I'd love to do some baking (no reason for blood sugar levels to drop unnecessarily low too quickly!). I've spotted a few good recipes...I'm going to give them a try, and will let you know how they turn out. Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake layered brownies, pumpkin anything (afterall, it's a vegetable, right?)

Here's to the start of another wonderful week... God Bless!


Anonymous said...

do you have your own pumpkin filling b/c good luck finding it in the stores... still a shortage
knowing Wally tho he will have it available for his customers..

BTW car show buffs were lovin the FEST as well.

jamie said...

Anon~ I hadn't even thought about the car show this year...not a very good day to sit out enjoying shiny cars, either!! (and we used to live right across from where the car show was held...and enjoyed that back in the day as well.)

As for pumpkin...I haven't bought canned in a couple years, since I've discovered how easy it is to cook fresh pumpkin. I'll share that how-to in another post (no cubing or cooking it down for hours in a pan!)