Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st, A Day to Celebrate

It's October! There are so many things happening, so many things worth mentioning. It's so much more than just the start of a new calendar page...

Of course it's the feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, "the Little Flower." She's such an inspiration of how each of us are called to do great things in little ways...each and every day. St. Therese pray for us!

The 4 yougest kids and I started our day, by hurrying through our breakfast with the school kids, and heading off to morning mass to celebrate not only her feast day, but also to honor/remember the feast of our own family saint. John's mom, Alice passed away 13 years ago today. I am so grateful for the impact she had on my life in the few short years I knew her...she taught me practical things...a love of gardening and canning, even helped me at times with small sewing projects. But it was her kindness, and love, and gentle ways (much like we read of St. Therese) that left a lasting impression. She passed away before we started having children, and I could never have imagined that one day I'd be raising nearly a dozen as she had. How many times along the way, I've prayed for her intercession, her guidance...and wished she were still here for advice. What a wonderful woman, that I feel blessed to have known.

October 1st also leads us into the month of the Holy Rosary. I look forward to trying to incorporate it into our family prayer routine, and to help these little ones develop a love for this special prayer/devotion. Holy Mother, draw us closer to you and your Son. Amen.

Oh...and October means fall! ...And Oktoberfest...and all things that smell and taste and look wonderfully crisp and fallish! (including fall weather) Welcome fall!!

We're so happy to greet you Mr. Autumn...and to offer a "Willkommen" to all the folks traveling into our community for our annual German festivities.

I can't help but sprinkle a little bit of fall everywhere. Even the back garden bench is sprinkled with Wooden Shoes and pumpkins and mums...

Mmmmm. Fall means yummy smells of spiced pumpkin. My favorite!!! John's birthday earlier this week had me baking up pumpkin for a wonderfully delicious pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing....yep. It was very good!!

More beautiful colors, and sprinkles of fall...on the front door.

Doesn't it make you want to drop what you're doing and dance a little polka...or at the very least, a chicken dance?!!! We put in our Freudemacher CD this morning after mass, and polka'd our way around the kitchen till we were dizzy and giddy with laughter.

Oh yes...and cooler weather means we can bake all we want to!!! Today it was snickerdoodles...mmmmm....cinnamon and sugary goodness!

Oh, and of could I forget?! October 1st means we're entering into the last month of this pregnancy. Sometime, very soon, we are going to get to meet this new little baby. Oh we're getting so excited!! Today, Lucy helped me take the tags off of the few "neutral" baby clothes we've collected, and gather baby bedding and blankets from storage to wash up. Oh my. It's so fun to look at these tiny little white onesies and ducky-footed jammies. Just can't wait to kiss the little nose and toes and belly that will soon be snuggled in them...
October Blessings to you all!!

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