Monday, October 4, 2010

cooking pumpkin (how-to)

Someone shared in a previous comment that there is a shortage of canned pumpkin this year. I had read something of it when researching recipes online, but really just figured that was happening "somewhere else."

Truth is I haven't bought canned pumpkin in a couple years, since I found a simple way to cook fresh pumpkin (and I usually have half a dozen pumpkins sitting on my front step this time of year one will miss a pumpkin or two.) Small baking pumpkins fit nicer on the pan, but I've used large jack-o-lantern pumpkins too...whatever ya got!

Baked Pumpkin
(for fresh pumpkin in lieu of canned)

1. Remove the stem from a small/med. sized pumpkin (by cutting around the base of the stem with a sharp knife.) 2. Then starting from the hole you just made, carve down and around the pumpkin, cutting it completely in half. 3. Scoop out the seeds (so much less messy, now that the pumpkin is split in two.)
4. Lay both halves open sides down (so the outside/skin is face up) on a jelly roll pan with a thin layer of water in the bottom. 5. Bake at 325 degrees for 45 min-1 1/2 hours. You'll see the skins getting darker, and caving in a little when they're done, and fork-tender. 6. Allow to cool a bit, and flip over scooping out the pumpkin flesh with a spoon. It is delicious to eat just like this with a little butter and brown a sweet potato. Or fork it up a bit, and use this plain in lieu of canned pumpkin filling.
Last week I baked 2 small (6-8 inches in diameter) pumpkins (that's 4 halves) on one jelly roll pan, and got about 6+ cups of pumpkin. In the past, I have kept it for up to two weeks (sealed in airtight container) in the fridge without any problems. Not sure what the "safe" rule is though.

You're going to need pumpkin for the recipe I plan to share later. Yep...I baked again today...and this recipe is a keeper!!!


Mom2Fiveplus3 said...

I scoop 15 oz in a freezer bag for pumpkin pie use later. I puree mine first to make it smoother.

Anonymous said...

Used your idea on butternut squash yesterday. Worked great thanks for sharing!