Friday, July 2, 2010 it was a "little white one."

I promised I was done, but I do have a bit more to elaborate on with regards to Niagara.

I got so caught up in talking about the details of the trip, that I nearly left out the best part...the Falls in all their awesome-ness. (Is that a word?) It is breathtaking. The power and force behind the water, the shear volume (and I didn't even pay attention to the numbers of gallons that fall per minute...but someone has figured that out), it leaves you feeling so in awe of all that God is capable of. This same creator of birds and flowers, the Author of Life, the Master of our Universe didn't settle on anything...right down to this massive flow of water. Just AMAZING!

I had to smile while at mass at the Basilica that Sunday the reading would be about what else? water! From Zecharia's first reading about God cleansing us with his Grace, and sending down a huge fountain, to the mention in the second reading about being clothed in Christ through the waters of Baptism. Even the psalm response was about our souls thirsting for our Lord. It was one of those humbling little God moments, helping to remind me of His prescence in all things small and great! Certainly if we thirst for Him...he will quench us with His love...shower us with his graces, bless us in ways we cannot fathom.

The week after we arrived home a friend sent us this e-mail with rare pictures of the Falls back in 1911...when the Falls were frozen, and folks actually were able to walk across the ice. Can you imagine? This same God, capable of creating such a force of nature can just as easily calm it. Incredible.

How great is our God!

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I love your new look Jamie.Your blog looks awesome!