Monday, July 26, 2010

Living the Gospel

My sweet boy Charlie is turning 5 tomorrow~FIVE!

(waiting for my head to quit spinning, wondering where the time goes...)

Anyhow, we started celebrating a few days early as Godparents dropped by on Sunday to share some birthday wishes, cupcakes, a few spankin's and pinches, and a couple gifts as well.
He was thrilled with all the gifts he received...everyone was so generous. But one small unexpected "trinket" caught his eye more than any other. I cringed...cause it caught my eye as well...and my thoughts immediately turned (with a snicker at God's humor) to Sunday's gospel reading.

To start the story, I have to backtrack a couple weeks. As Charlie and I (and all the boys) spent some time cleaning out drawers and closets, I came across an entire dresser drawer devoted to "treasures." There were special matchbox cars, shiny paper valentines, a few holy cards and craft projects from catechism classes and VBS, and some other unexplainable odds-n-ends. Included in this treasure hodge-podge were 2 yellow plastic duck-bill whistles, that happen to make the most annoying "quacking" sound imaginable (to a mom, that is.) Alice and Emma had gone on a Duck Boat tour in Cinci last year, and had over time bestowed their whistles on Charlie. Now, I tried to respect the boys needs to keep a few treasures, but the duck whistles were chucked quickly into the trashcan. Charlie didn't cry, but without a word he started to reach into the trashbag for them, as I mumbled just loud enough for him to hear "Don't even think about it." He pulled his hand away, defeated, but didn't argue with me. I thought that was the end of the story.

Fast forward to yesterday...and Charlie's birthday gifts. Seems as though his Godmother and family had also done a Duck Boat tour while in Wisconsin this summer, and decided to share their whistle as part of Charlie's birthday gift. (Curses.) His face BEAMED with excitement as he whistled through the kitchen, shooting me a look out of the corner of his eye as he quacked by. It was as if his prayers had been answered. I wonder if he'd wished for those whistles back a hundred times or more since we'd pitched them...and God was listening.

As for my where did I ask for any noisy whistles (or 3 new giant bouncy balls, thank you very much Aunt Kathy!)...but God discerns our wants versus our needs. Charlie got what he, I got what I needed...another opportunity to grow in patience and humility. Touche.

Thank you God for a good laugh on Charlie's birthday...this little guy is a beacon of your Holy joy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those whistles!! Yup, I threw ours out that first week! ;)

Barb said...

I hope Charlie had a happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

My house has felt unusually noisy this summer! Maybe I'm just noticing the same old noise more, I don't know. Anyhow, thanks to your picture of the duck whistle, I have now pictured that thing several times when I think I'm ready to lose my mind, and I have to laugh. Kids are so amazing! How grateful I am for my sweethearts, noise and all.