Thursday, July 1, 2010

Niagara Falls

In Pictures.
(and the last time I'll bring it up....promise.)

The 12 of baby bump to be. That's the American Falls just behind us, and I believe (tho we didn't travel it) that is the Rainbow Bridge beyond which connects the U.S. and Canada.

Story of any young man's life...wishin' he was a little bit taller. Little John can't see NOTHIN' from this darn thing!
Sam posin' for his mom. Can you say "CHEESE!" It is really amazing to think that just a few feet...very few feet, and one tiny little railing seperate my babies from this raging falls. (Breathe Jamie, just breathe. This is only the first evening.)
Cutie pies Lucy and Rose, grab a quiet moment, and each other while they wait for the rest to "move on." Too sweet.
Rosie and Frank (and Grace in the background) trying to buck the wind and the mist in their fun ponchos. The Maid of the Mist boat ride was a must do! Even the little ones LOVED it. (and we big ones had fun too!)
Just after the Maid of the Mist, Grandpa poses with the grandkids who made the trip.
Okay, this looks like a really great photo-op...sweet smile, rocks, nature, calm waters...but my heart was pounding to snap the pic, and get her OUT OF THE WATER!!! Just a few yards beyond are the raging rapids that in a matter of seconds could sweep my baby girl down the Horseshoe Falls. And nope, no railing. Nothing to keep us from being silly and wandering out there....nothing. (Gulp) I couldn't get the kids away from here fast enough. This was taken on the 3rd (and tiniest) of the Three Sisters Islands, which are actually a great little spot to check out...tiny islands connected with foot bridges overlooking the rapids that lead to the falls.
17 cousins, posing on Three Sisters.
This was one of many stops for the little trolley that took us around the State Park. I think adults ride for $2, kids a buck, and ages 6 and under are free. Top of the Falls restaurant was at this stop...and the Falls were at our backs.
Too sweet Cousin Katie, with her Uncle Steve. Ahhh... if we could all be little kids again. I felt like collapsing just like this a couple times. (unfortunately, nobody would be willing or able to haul my big hiney around quite like this. Darnit.)

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