Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning

~better late than never.

Blogger is offering new designs, so I've decided to spruce up around here and redecorate a bit. It goes right along with what we've been up to here on the homefront too. Aside from just returning from a weekender in Niagara Falls. (That packing, planning, vacation adventure will have to wait for another post.)
The bigger news is that we're looking to put our house on the market, so we've been busy sprucing up, cleaning out, tossing, sorting, scrubbing crayon-marked walls, and all sorts of little tidy-up jobs that will hopefully help make for a smooth (i.e. "quick") sale. We've been looking at another home...our "forever" home, if you will. No details to spill about that just yet though, until things are more final on that front.
John and I knew when we moved in here that it would likely only be for a few years. We were expecting our 7th child then, and figured 5-10 years here would be our max. The location has been ideal for us close to school, pool, parks, everything in walking/biking distance for the kids. But we've outgrown it several times over, and with baby #11 coming, God seemed to place this next (and final) home right there within our reach. It's so perfect for our big family...can't wait to finalize a contract so I can spill more about that.
For now...keep us in your prayers, that if it's meant to be, it will. So many things happened so perfectly up until this point, I can't help but think it's His hand making it happen. And if it's not, well...He's certainly given me hope that the right place is out there for us...and for that I'm grateful too. Good night, and God bless.

(oh, and if you know someone who's looking to move to this area...)


Anonymous said...

Hope you are able to sell quickly, you have a pretty good spot in Minster! And when it comes time to move give me a call, I would love to send over my hubby with our 15pass. ;)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Any idea what the price range for your current house will be?