Saturday, June 5, 2010

the Litany of my little Saints

"How do you keep them all straight?"
I'm asked the question so often, I don't think much of it anymore. And in fact, even parents (and grandparents) of just a couple seem to have the same trouble. You surely know how it goes...looking directly into the eyes of one of your little saints, you scramble through the entire list of names before you get to the right one, often settling on a "oh, you know who you are!" type finish before the verbal reprimand ensues. (It is usually when one of the saints is in trouble, that we typically fluster through the names, right?)

Anyhow, a dear friend and I were talking at the pool last night about this same subject, and she jokingly called this name-fumbling her "Litany" of her little Saints. She suggested that if she considers each misnomer an offering of prayer for the names mentioned, then by the time she gets to the right name, she'll have prayed for her kiddos, as well as hopefully gained a little more patience for the "saint" she's intending to deal with at that time.

LOVE that idea!!! Thanks April. You've changed the way I feel about calling the wrong it's a good thing, and will hopefully put my heart in the right place by the time I get to name #10.


Anonymous said...

I love that idea. I call my kids by the wrong name all the time.

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to think of this....even our dog gets prayers becuase her name is often in the mix too!