Monday, June 7, 2010

Abram would be so disappointed...

I found it funny, ironic, silly, a little God-smiling moment that this Sunday's first reading was of Abram giving one tenth of all that he had to God. These words came on the heels of a conversation I had earlier this week with the kids about saving money. (They are going to eat their way through their savings on ice cream from the local Tasty Treat by mid-July if they don't buckle down a bit.) I reminded them that they have to consider "wants" vs. "needs" and the importance of good spending/saving habits...the usual mom-spiel that typically falls on deaf ears. Five-year-old John was certain he understood when he smacked down his fist on the table, and announced "That's it! No more money in my church envelope! It's wasting!"


That's not what I meant. So how do I explain my way out of this one. Sure enough, as the kids picked through their change jars for their Sunday offering envelope, he minimized for sure. He's serious about his cutting back.

The little miser.

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