Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy B's...

~on Bricks, Baseball, Baby showers, and Beating the heat...

Just breathing (and putting my feet up this evening) after another incredibly busy weekend.

I've been continuing to clean and declutter my way through the house, one room at a time. Friday and Saturday, the kids helped me in the basement. It's been the kids' "haven" since we moved in here, which works perfectly well for us. But with the intention of selling the house soon, it seemed necessary to "take back" some of the space, and show off it's full potential. There's a brick fireplace down there (which we've never used, and in fact has remained hidden behind a large storage chest) that someone would love, I think. Friday evening, we took down posters and kids' artwork, scrubbed walls ( be rid of the crayon markings), and took apart the large wall of desks the older kids have been enjoying for some time now as their "big kid space." We moved and rearranged the cozy couch and loveseat around the fireplace to make a nice seating/tv area. On Saturday we sorted and reorganized all the toys to a smaller designated area of the basement. Between the two areas is a table and chairs for games/coloring/etc. It all flows so much nicer now, and looks clean and tidy. I love it. Alice and Emma helped me with a really cool white-washing paint technique on the very dark, dated brickwork around the fireplace. It turned out gorgeous and I could kick myself for not doing if 5 years ago. The basement just seems generally brighter and more family-friendly, rather than just a giant rompous room. So glad to have that job under my we just have to work to keep it tidy. (no easy task.)

Sam had a baseball tournament all day on Saturday in nearby Versailles. With games at 11a, 2:30, and 5:30p and temperatures in the 90' was sure to be a HOT one. John spent the day there with him, while the other kids and I stayed home getting jobs done in the basement. We met them for the 5:30 game, but with delays in the schedule it didn't get started till closer to 7. Wow. I was hot and tired just sitting around waiting...I can't imagine how tuckered those boys felt (and parents who were out there all day with them!) It was 9 till we were home and ordered some pizza. We met up with other families to end the day with some cold drinks and fireworks at one of the teammates home. They didn't fare well in the tourney, but it was a good learning experience. This is Sam's first year on the traveling team, and he seems to be enjoying it, and's all good. As for me, I'm learning too. Expect delays, pack more cold water, and lawn chairs beat bleachers anyday. Pack them!
On Sunday the girls and I attended a baby shower for our niece. There was another young first-time mom there, who would probably be horrified to know I'm including her on the blog here. But I must admit, I left feeling so grateful to know that my kids are not the only one in the world who managed to spit up all over their aunties, or to poop all over someone else's carpet. Poor little mama. She handled it all in great stride...quite gracefully I thought. I remember feeling so horrified everytime we went to a party and one of my babies would most certainly, spit up an entire feeding all over the most well dressed auntie in the place. Or leak a poopy diaper all over someone's lap. Without fail. And it was only my kids that did this, I was certain. Oh, it was nice to be on the observing end for once, and not have to feel apologetic and guilt-ridden for the messes my kids left behind. I left with a feeling of understanding...been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Grateful to know we mom's are not alone in our personal miseries of doo-doo, spit-up mishaps that our kids leave behind to keep us humble.

As for beating the heat....well, just grinning and bearing it. Sounds like we'll be getting a reprieve here the next couple days. Praise the Lord! Can't wait to open the windows and get fresh air circulating through the house again. I've got some more touch-up painting to do this week. The fresh air will be nice.

Have a blessed week everyone!

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