Tuesday, December 9, 2008

reminiscing about St. Nick

Meant to post over the weekend...just didn't get around to it. Anyhow, was thinking back this morning to St. Nick's feast day (Saturday) and what a nice day it was here. Other than the fact that the kids were up before 7a checking stockings. But fortunately, they let Lucy and I sleep in just a bit longer. Although when I got up a little closer to the 8 o'clock mark, I'd wished I would have joined them earlier. Most of their chocolates were gone, the orange slices (though there were only a handful) now gone, and they were working on the shelled peanuts. Who needs breakfast?!

Later that morning, the older kids organized a "gift exchange" for all the kids. (I should mention that we don't typically draw names or exchange gifts in this house, so it was cute that they came up with it...and with such organized formality.) Alice and Emma helped everyone to draw a name, and then helped them to "shop" from the toys in the basement. They were incredibly thoughtful about it...choosing favorite toys that they knew the recipient would love, then wrapping them with plastic grocery bags. Their efforts culminated under the tree where each child patiently waited to give. It was priceless. Charlie got his favorite plastic wrench from Rose, Sam recieved his favorite black high tops that Alice remembered "He wears everyday, so I know he'll love them!" (and he did.)

Moments like these, when everyone cooperates with such generosity, is one of the greatest graces I receive. Thank you Lord for everyday blessings!


Anonymous said...

I remember Christmas at home when we were kids too. As an older one of the six kids I helped the younger ones pick out things for Mom and Dad so they could give also. One year someone picked out a used container of deoderant (you know Secret...) and wrapped it up for mom, saying I know she will like it because she uses it everyday!!! All of us still remember that Christmas clearly and Mom always says that is one of her favorite memories. The spirit of giving is so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am new to your blog but am loving it already and I'm adding it to my favorites! I'm from Russia and have heard of your beautiful family before. I am the mom of 4 and feel like MY life is crazy sometimes. I think reading your blog will help put it into a whole new perspective! May God Bless you and yours!