Monday, December 1, 2008

boys, beds, blankets, and battles

At 2 in the morning, I tend to lose my sense of humor. So what started as a cute little episode between brothers, soon had me seeing red. It went something like this:
2am: Frank comes sliding in under the covers of my bed with frigid little hands and feet. Poor boy had probably been without blankets for some time. I scooped him up and brought him back to his own bed and tucked him in tight. I had to gently tug the covers away from his big brother Charlie, who was apparently hoarding them.
2:05 am: Charlie's at my bedside now, crying. "Mom! Frank stole all the blankets!" Arrg. I scoop him up, and carry him back to his own bed where sure enough I find Frank with their full-size comforter rolled into a ball and holding on tight on his side of the bed. I give them both a little reminder about sharing, spread out the blankets again, and back to bed I go.
2:10am: Frank's back and crying this time. More blanket stealing going on. More reminders about sharing.
2:13am: Frank's back again. Crying louder and with a different tone know the kind...the "I've just been punched in the head for no reason" cry. Another return to his bed...more talk of sharing, couple of kisses. (Did I mention little John's sleeping like a king across the room alone in his bed?!)
2:20: Charlie's turn to cry again. Alright's losing it. Time to share...time to sleep!!!! The threats begin...I think I may have mentioned stapling them to the sheets. I was tired, and cranky...and losing patience to say the least. Not my finest hour.

Anyhow...they did manage to fall back asleep with only a couple more visits to my room.
Can you believe that Charlie mentioned at breakfast that he didn't sleep well?! Arrg. Praying that tonight's a better, more peaceful night. Loving husband John suggested I could always pin one corner of the blanket to each of their pajamas. Funny. He obviously didn't hear a thing last night.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll have to teach them to hold onto their "corner" of the blanket. That's what I did, when I shared a bed with my sister. Always hold onto that corner.

Anonymous said...

How about giving them each their own blanket?

Anonymous said...

My mom gave my sister a twin size comforter and I had one too! Although our bed sharing days ended quickly...I had too many bloody noses from her kicking in her sleep! Sweet Dreams Tonight!

wife, mother and so much more! said...

I always think that it's funny how men just can't seem to hear all of the comotion that happens between 12-5am.

When you said that John was sleeping like a king--I was thinking of big John and had to laugh!

I know, my hubby will probably read this--you are not like the other men, my dear!(sarcasm);)

Kurt said...

Zzzz . . . huh? . . . Wha? . . . Zzzz

Kathryn said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my cooking blog! I'll post the soup recipe soon, your gonna love it, but only if you don't mind using things like cream of mushroom soup and velveeta *smile* we don't eat like that all the time, but some recipes are just tooo yummy to leave it out!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I read this! My 4 and 2 yr. old fight over covers constantly, only they both have plenty of covers. When one rolls over, the other feels the covers move slightly and calls to us in our room, "Mommy, Brandon is stealing my covers!" We gave them seperate covers for a while which seemed to solve the problem of parents getting out of bed, but that really doesn't teach them how to get along.