Tuesday, December 16, 2008

angels among us?

At the breakfast table yesterday morning, Mary (4) commented to Charlie (3) "Charlie, you know you have an angel sitting next to you right now."
I happen to sit on Charlie's left, and caught his sideways, disbelieving glance in my direction as he followed with "That ain't no angel!"
(What, did the bed head and flannel jammies give me away?!)

Mary went on to try to explain about guardian angels, and I tried to help her, but the image in his head must have been blown, as he continued to glance at his disheveled mom and argue, "She's NOT an angel!"

(sigh) Even my kids know the truth about me.

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4prettybabies said...

This made me laugh out loud! You gotta love how those little ones minds work! Sounds much like a conversation MY kids could have about me any given morning!