Saturday, July 14, 2012

movin right along

Thank you for all the incredibly kind comments. 
I really wasn't fishing...but you're all so encouraging.  Thank you!

I think one anonymous commenter really hit the nail on the head (and made me scratch my noggin) when she mentioned that even when I don't write and share with you...knowing that I should be writing and sharing has made me much more aware, and contemplative about all the goodness God brings into our lives.  And for that, I feel truly blessed.   Awareness is a wonderful gift.  And share-ness is the step I'm working on now.

So...enough of all the compliments and kindness and mushy stuff.  My head's getting a little big for my shoulders.

Back to reality.  The perfectly imperfect me.  Moving forward.  One baby step at a time through the laundry, and housework, and weird sticky stuff on the side of the fridge...through the morning sleeping-in snuggles, to the end of the day "Angel of God's" and everything in between.  Remembering that God's hand is guiding us through it all, and hoping that I'm not giving him too many callouses in the process. 

Happy Weekend everyone!  God is good!

(I have some random thoughts/ideas for posts in my head...hoping to answer some of the questions I've been asked when speaking in large groups.  There have been some doozies, and would love to elaborate here.  Questions like "I have twin toddlers, when will life get back to normal?"  and "How do you discipline your children?"  among others.

Do you have any topics or thoughts/questions you'd like me address.  (I'm not saying I'll have the right answers...but it might strike up some great conversations in the comment box!)

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad you are going to continue to blog!!! You are such a gifted writer. I check your blog daily for inspiration and realize how I should have plenty of time for God when I only have 3 kids.

Anonymous said...

What a positive person you are...or at least you are when you blog. Haven't visited your blog in sometime, but was looking for some happiness to turn my mood. I am struggling, need to be able to focus on the positive things in my life rather than dwell on lifes challenges that seem my focus.
Maybe having such a large family, you don't have time to focus on the negative. If so, lucky you. I feel alone in this game life & I know I am not. I hope I find the answers I search for as I don't like where I am right now. To the good, God will help me find my way back.

jamie said...

Re: being positive...I seem to have plenty of moments throughout the day where the negatives creep in...anxiety, worry, jealousy, and on and on...but ultimately God is bigger than all of that. He's constantly showing us in small (and sometimes not so subtle) ways that he's taking care. When we can breathe, and be grateful for the simplest gifts, we're on our way to living in the positive...the love, the goodness, the trust, the comfort...that is God.

Anonymous said...

I agree...most of us are so fortunate that we sometimes overlook how blessed we really are. As blessed as I am, I sometimes feel that things are transpiring out of my control. I pray everyday, and sometimes many times a day for His guidance & help. I know He is always there for me, sometimes I just have trouble recognizing it. Pray, Pray, will get better as He is always with us. Thank you for being you!