Friday, June 22, 2012

WWJD? (not this time.)

Someone commented to me at the swim meet last evening about how I "must have it all together."
If I had been drinking something at the time, it surely would have come out my nose.

Not got it all together.

Today I busted my two youngest boys for peeing in the garage trash-can.

Since this is a first for me, I'm wondering (A.) do other people's kids do this stuff?  and (B.) how do you begin to respond?  I'd like to say I had a WWJD? moment.  But seriously, it was more like WTF?  (as in What the *beep*?!)  Yes, I sensor words in my head too, 'been livin with kids that long.
Seriously though, where did I go wrong here?

After a brief moment of staring confused and in disbelief, I followed the girls out to the garage to investigate.  It didn't take a rocket-scientist to notice that the garage-turned-classroom wastebasket was filled with damp papers.  Clearly the class clowns had marked their territory...and they were nowhere to be found.  Though it didn't take long for them to turn up with all their sisters scouring the house and yard, eager to bust 'em.   I'd like to say I handled things calmly, but it was nowhere near calm...or cool...definitely not collected.  I ranted briefly about them acting like wild dogs, and asked if they wanted to live in cages in the yard.  (Not my finest moment.)  But I think they got the picture, or at least know now not to pee in front of their sisters. 

I led them out to the back yard to help them empty, and clean out the wastebasket with the garden hose and soap.  All the while, flashbacks in my head of my brothers doing this same crazy stuff when we were this age.  And how we laugh about this stuff maybe I should lighten up a little. Grateful in hindsight that I didn't make them clean it out with their toothbrushes...nonsense thoughts like that actually go through my head sometime.  Thank you Holy Spirit for the strength to ignore that insanity.

Does anyone else have moments like these?  Maybe not exactly like these...but the moments that have you scratching your head wondering if their dad's dropped them when you weren't looking? 

This is just another one of those crazy so-not-got-it-all together days.

 Livin' the dream, baby.


Father Schnippel said...


We were at my brother Keith's house when his lovely wife looks up to see the two boys standing on the top of the play set, streams arcing down.

I can diagnose the problem. It's called 'Boy'

MJ said...

I agree with Fr. Kyle..."Boy". My youngest used to pee on the fence that surrounds our backyard. On the outside of the fence and of course closest to the front of the house. Oh yeah, he used to "draw" designs on the fence. When they were in their teens I could have made a recording,saying to my oldest(boy)" What the heck were you thinking....oh,you weren't". I always said having children is good for your prayer life.

Anonymous said...

I caught our oldest "boy" doing this probably when he was around 6. He peed in his bedroom trashcan because he didn't want to go down the hall to use the bathroom. I am assuming that he did this a couple of times due to the amount of liquid in the can liner!

Amber said...

Yep, I agree with everyone else here, it is totally a boy thing!My boys love to pee in interesting and not so typical places. They are even teaching Ollie - Becca's little guy - to do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago my then 3 year old felt a good way to get back at his older brother for injustices was to stand on his bed and wee. (I did thank God he never did it on the pillow.)

Anonymous said...

My boys when they were 3 and 5 would pee outside (which made me think it kept the bathroom cleaner, no splashing pe anywhere). But I also felt I needed them to know that it was okay to do when camping but not in the backyard.

So I set up the rule that if there was a toilet within 500 steps then they had to use it as it wasn't polite for the neighbors to see boys peeing. Now it's more like 10,000 steps as they are much older.

Anonymous said...

I caught my boys "shooting" passing trucks on 119, bad part, their sister was laying on the ground between them attempting the same.
I assume it's an age thing, but cannot get her to understand that girls cannot pee outside

Anonymous said...

So happy to read this. It makes me feel like I am a normal human being. I have 5 girls and 1 son who is almost 3. I know girls... I'm used to them, I get how they work. My son, I have a special place in my heart for him, but... OHHHH...some days! Anyhow, my oldest daughter yells down from upstairs, "Mom, there's a wet spot on the carpet!" I come up and it smells like pee that's been there forever and a day! Good luck getting that smell out! My son is potty trained and wears a pull up at night. I'm picturing him standing up, dropping his drawers, and peeing on the carpet, rather than running downstairs to pee (way easier). Why would he think to do this??? ARGH! Then I think, maybe that's not what happened, give him the benefit of the doubt. A few days later, another wet spot. We had words this time!