Friday, June 1, 2012

monster garage

(and singing the praises of play-doh on a rainy day.)

One thing we're finally taking advantage of in our new home is the attached two-car garage in the back.   First Communion in May was the motivation we needed to finally get everything cleared out from the and other items we were holding onto but didn't really have a place for.  It needed cleared out/put away for John & Mary's party, so we either junked/donated/or put things to use.  Since the party, and the cleared out new space...we've been discovering all kinds of ways to enjoy it.  (Unfortunately, as much as we'd like to squeeze it...our 15 passenger van will never fit into a standard garage door-height opening.)  So we keep bikes lined on one side, and have this whole other area for things like school desks...and today, PLAY-DOH!  The carpeting around the edges of the garage (from the former owners) make it even more conducive to little feet padding around on cooler days.

The older 3 had things to do this morning...friends to visit, odd jobs for the grandparents, etc.  And little Anne was taking her morning nap.  It was so intensely quiet in the house as they all whoooped it up in the garage.  AWESOME!

And all this mess, swept up in a matter of scraping it off the kitchen floor.  Sweeet!
(This table was our kitchen table, many moons ago when there were just a few of us...later we cut the legs down low and can keep pull-out tubs of train pieces, or Legos, or blocks underneath.)

Anyone ever wanted to try out chalk-board paint?!  Well we tried it, and LOVE it.
For under $20 we were able to paint these two large storage doors in the garage/school play area.  Sidewalk chalkin' on rainy days...woooohoooo!

I almost feel guilty sipping on my coffee in my quiet kitchen (oh, and cleaning up after breakfast, starting chili for supper, tossing in a load of towels, and checking in with you here.)  Almost.

Peaceful, cooler day to you all.
God is good.

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