Wednesday, June 6, 2012

living the gospel

I never cease to be amazed, and humbled at the persistence and patience of the Holy Spirit.  Despite my failings, my forgetfulness, my hard-headedness, he continues to nudge me to a closer relationship with our Lord.  Always in His perfect timing. 
This evening I'm scheduled to share stories of our chaos, and faith to a group of women in Celina.  It's been a few months since I've had the opportunity to share/reflect, and as I pulled another late-nighter praying for the words to come together, I realized how much this process is necessary for me to grow in faith and awareness of His constancy in my life.

When the going gets tough...God tells me to get going. 

It's almost like cramming for a test back in college.  Except I already have the answers provided...I just need some nudging to open my eyes and heart to them.  To remember, to realize, to trust.

These last months have been nutty...scheduling, budget, all of the typical earthly stuff that weighs us down...the balls we try to keep juggling.  And just when I start to really worry, God sits me down with a pot of coffee and we talk.  Well...actually...I listen (and HE doesn't actually drink much coffee.  Maybe if I stocked up on fancy creamer?)  For a change, I lay out my worries, and then I just listen.  And my heart is filled with hope, and His love, and encouragement.  And He reminds me to trust.  And I do.  And then I start to fill the blank pages with what I know to be true...that we are not alone, ever, in our storms.  That thru God’s grace and providence we are given the tools and perspective we need to not only get thru, but to grow in his love and find a sense of lasting peace that comes from a Christ-centered life.

And I understand that I have to work to do.  It involves practice, and patience, and prayer, (and not waiting so long to invite Him in for coffee) and sharing what I have come to understand with my family, and with you; to help you to also trust.  To allow you to look beyond the chaos and see the face of the One we want to truly please.  The One who's joy is our strength (Neh.)

And I am grateful.  And I am humbled.  And I am His.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Thank you for that, and thanks for sharing the neat things you are doing this summer, it gives us great ideas for our families too!

Amy Noykos said...

Thank you so much Jamie for sharing that this morning. It touches my heart greatly and it's an awesome reminder that God just wants us to spend some time with Him and allow Him to do His work through us! Thank you again!