Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lenten, little prayers

Awake in the morning with little prayers, grateful for another day.
Busy breakfast, and hustle bustle.
Morning mass with all the kids, sans Alice who was home sick and little Anne who was sleeping in with her.
Ashes; a reminder that I follow Him.
Back at home, coffee and games and puzzles and cartoons.
A load of laundry, and dishes.
Lunch; then off to a planning meeting for religion classes.
And baking.
A new recipe of humble dough, arms twisted tight into little prayers.
After school hunger pains, and homework.
Dinner table sharing.
Evening of story times, and noisy playing, and finally settling.
For reflection, and little prayers.
Mold and shape me Lord, like the dough I carefully kneaded today.
Help me to desire less of everything but You.
Grateful for another day.


Mari Mari said...

good to see you back!

Yinjiahui said...

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