Monday, March 10, 2014

40 - A Video Of Jesus In The Wilderness

I previewed this video of cartoon images to show in my religion class this week.  Seemed too simple at first glance, but the emotion and detail in these cartoons is amazing, and some of the images have been hanging with me since.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  (Taken from yesterday's gospel, by the way.)


Mari Mari said...

Jamie, what a beatiful way to tell such a story. But have a look at this video here: Kids are playing the Easter history. Ok, it's in portuguese, but the video is pretty beautiful and you can work on the narraiton yourself. It was made last year by a baptist comunity, if I`m not mistaken, but the sotry is pretty faihtful. Hope you like it.

Martha said...

I love the pictures of Jesus 'playing' in the wilderness...running with the birds and throwing rocks and looking up at the same moon we get to look up at...kind of cool to see Him doing some of the same things we do. I felt so happy to see you back on your blog tonight Jamie! Love you!

jamie said...

Martha, that's what struck me the most too. The joy in the little moments. In the midst of unthinkable sacrifice, he had room for simple joy. Love that.