Wednesday, November 10, 2010

you say tomato, I say tom"ah"to.

If there's one thing I've learned through the course of writing this blog (and should have anticipated with my last post), it's that when it comes to child-raising, we all have our opinions. Fair enough. I never claimed to be an expert. In fact, something else I've learned over the years is that every child is unique (thank you GOd!), and just when we think we know what to expect, one comes along to break/change all the rules. I bite my tongue and cringe a bit when someone asks for advice, cause truth is...we do what works best for our children, our family, ourselves at any given time. And that changes.
Annie's little pink toes had very little to do with her, and everything to do with a "girls day" together. While the boys busied themselves playing Legos, the older girls and I enjoyed an afternoon of hot rollers and hairdo's, finger nail polish, and other girly things that I'd just not had the energy for in some time. We all had our turns snuggling and bonding with new baby sister, and it just seemed natural to include her in our fun for the afternoon. She wasn't aware of the pinpoint size dabs of color on her nails as she slept, and she certainly can't reach her toes to her mouth yet, so there are no safety concerns.
I'll admit, I would have never considered painting any of the other girls' nails at this age, but then thats the beauty of big family/older siblings in the house...we just roll with the changes and find new ways to include everyone in our special moments.

We thank God here for the gift of Little Anne, as she brings out the best or at least "better" in each of us. All of the kids are responding to her with great love, and the gifts they have to share in building up our family unit have just been amplified. Perhaps the newness will wear at some point, but for now no one seems to mind giving more of themselves as we welcome her in. She is certain proof that love is truly multiplied, not divided!


Anonymous said...

I say keep doing what you're doing. It works for you. I did the exact same thing with my girls when my third daughter was born. My girls LOVED it!! It is something that I will definately remember for a long time and it was when my daughters felt a connection to their sister other than being the new baby sister.

Mari Mari said...

I loved her nails polished!! I`1m a mother of two, a boy and a girl, and I haven't thought ofpolishing her nails, but thank gof you do have other creative little brains in your house that could have thought of that. That`s the beauty of having big families. You become not afraid of being fun, trying new things out... My first kid got his first cracker when he was one year old; my second, when she turned 5 mo. I hope I can be as free as you are when I get my seventh daughter! Love your blog! Please, post every time, everything!

Beth said...


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and I appreciate your honesty. We all look at life differently especially with raising children. I have a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. Two of my favorite Bible verses I remember when making decisions and handling others who don't agree with me are: Col 3:15 (let the peace of God rule) and Phil 4:5 (let your moderation be known).

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family.

Shannon :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Very well said! In fact, if you weren't going to defend your little girls having an awesome day together and sweet little Anne's toenails -- then I was about to! You are doing an awesome job, your family is absolutely beautiful and what an example you are showing for us all to follow. May God bless your growing family!

I was absolutely taken back with the comments of little Anne's cute little pink toes!! Sounds like some people are jealous or something??!! Little Anne is going to love that picture someday and help her realize just how much she is loved from the day she came home from the hospital!

Love your blog, you are being an inspiration to many!

Jackie said...

How wonderful is it when people realize that each kid is different and needs treated according. Usually, this takes longer for people to realize if they do not have kids or only one or two. You have been blessed so thoroughly. Keep up your wonderful parenting! You're doing great!

Jannis said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us!

Anonymous said...

Jamie -- You and John have so much to be proud of! You are truly a beautiful family! Keep doing what you are doing because I know that you are the work of GOD and seeing you and your family is so moving to me. Your family is beautiful inside and out!