Friday, October 26, 2012

Trick-or Treat!

Only 9 made the last minute picture...Sam and Mary had already taken off with friends.

One more last minute trip to Dollar General for green face paint (we've got every color here, but green!), 30bucks to order in pizza (who has time to cook on a night like this?!), a one-hour scramble of face painting, hair spraying, costuming, shoe-tying, primping, and hunting for bags to hold the loot, not to mention last minute decorating by the oldest two...wanting to "haunt" the place a bit.
"Mom, where's the tape?"
Mom, can you tie my shoes?"
"Mom, my cape feels weird."
"Have you seen my pirate hook?"
"My makeup is next."
"Can I have hot rollers in?" 
"Is it time to go yet?"
"The neighbors are going!"
"Sam and Mary left already...."
"Please mom, pleeeeeeeeeease."
"Say cheese."
"Be nice...use sidewalks...don't step on anyones flowers!...say thank you!....Be careful...don't talk to strangers!...home by 8.  Listen to Dad!!!"

ahh.  silence.  

Lots of silence.

We only got about a dozen trick or treaters here this year.  Far from the numbers in our old neighborhood.  What a lot of stress and craziness for an hour and a half of fun!
Love it. 

Thank God it's over!

Now whose having a Snickers bar for breakfast?!

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Pam Kaiser said...

Oh, my gosh! So cute!!! Every last one of them. You go, Mama!