Friday, October 12, 2012

hope to see you there.

It's been a whole year since women came out in droves to relax and reconnect at the the Perfectly Imperfect Woman retreat at the Spiritual Center in Maria Stein.  WOW!  A whole year.

Well, they've pulled it together again, with fabulous speakers and presenters and sharers -of-their-talents, and wine-sipping, and shopping, and mani's and pedi's for heaven sake!  All that and Mass and opportunites for Reconciliation (so we can get our God-groove on).   Perfect.

I'm super stoked to go again, and pleased as punch to have just a teensy-tinsy little part on Saturday morning...kicking off the day with coffee and chat...and whatever else the Holy Spirit leads me to share.  (Not so much on cooking though...truly, cooking's really not mah thang.)  But we can talk food, and the love we women put into it for our'll just have to come see... 

Anyways...there's still time to register.   Hope to see you there!

PS...Praise God I don't have to do Zumba again...not that I'm opposed to exercise or sweat...and not that I really participated last year...I sipped coffee and watched all those other nutcakes, er ummm....nice ladies.   It's a retreat for goodness sake...I'll be chillin' and chattin' (and praising God that we don't have to exercise on retreat). 
PPS... I do Love you nutcakes, er umm, nice ladies who have better workout willpower than me.  I'm just sayin'.

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Pam Kaiser said...

I cannot wait! I keep hearing more and more fun things happening! What a special girls weekend away!

See you there!