Wednesday, September 5, 2012

high hopes

Can you believe that most of the kids in my seventh grade parish religion class had never heard of Jiminy Cricket?!  Or maybe they just didn't want me to make them sing along...that might be more true. 

(completely off-subject; sorry about that.)

Anyways, like Jiminy Cricket, I had "high hopes" with the start of this school year that by now my house would be immaculately clean, laundry piles tamed, closets and drawers organized and so on.

Hasn't happened. 


I also thought that I'd be kickin' blog hiney, and typing out my feelings like it's nobody's business.  You can see for yourself how I'm doing on that one.

In all actuality, I'm still enjoying another week of "summer" with little Lucy until she begins preschool next week.  The two of us have become quite the dynamic duo while little Annie naps her afternoons away.  We've crafted and colored and stickered.  We've done makeovers and fingernails and curlers...even played "Toddlers and Tiaras" one afternoon.  She won the big crown.  It helps when your mama is running the pageant.  (Yes, I should be ashamed that I've seen that show.  My girls LOVE it.  Even more ashamed that we "played" it.  But it was FUN.)  We've cooked dinners, baked treats, folded laundry, and sometimes just collapsed on the couch and dozed off to some snuggly good books. 

I have been snappin  a ton of silly pics, and collected a pile of random thoughts that I have "high hopes" of sharing with you all real soon.  I'm hangin in there...hope you will too.


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